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Art Journaling for De-Stressing: A Process Page

Art journaling is the perfect outlet for creative desires. I'll share how I use my art journal as a tool for stress relief.
Art Journaling for De-Stressing: A Process Page
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Art journaling is a popular form of expression and creativity that can be used as a way to de-stress and relax. As someone who enjoys creating in my junk journal, I find that it's the perfect outlet for my creative desires. In this process page, I'll share how I use my art journal as a tool for stress relief.

To begin, I love to play with different materials and techniques. I usually start by applying a layer of Golden acrylic gesso to the page, which gives me a nice white base to work on. Then, I'll add some color using acrylic paint. I love the vibrant colors that acrylic paint provides, and I find that it's perfect for creating bold and expressive pages.

After applying some random marks with acrylic paint, I love to let the colors and shapes run without thinking too much about what I'm doing. This allows me to enter a meditative state, where I can just let things happen. It's a great way to get lost in the moment and forget about the stresses of the day.

I then add more layers, intuitively picking colors and materials to create a textured and interesting page. One of my favorite tools to use in my art journal is my Caran d'ache neo color II water-soluble crayons. They are perfect for adding pops of color and shading, and they work beautifully with other materials. I also like to use Stabilo All pencils, pens, and markers, as they provide a bold, graphic look to my pages.

I incorporate some mixed media elements, such as torn paper and scraps, to add more depth and interest to the page. I use Liquitex Acrylic Matte Medium to adhere the different elements together, creating a cohesive piece of art.

Throughout the process, I remind myself that it's okay to make mistakes, as everything can be fixed or covered up. This helps to remove the anxiety and pressure that often come with creating art.

Overall, art journaling is a wonderful way to express oneself and relieve stress. It allows the artist to create without the pressure of perfection and can be a therapeutic way to unwind and relax. Using a variety of materials can help to create a unique and personal page in a junk journal or art journal.