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Art Journal LIfe

Art has this magical way of healing the body, mind, and soul.
Art Journal LIfe

Art has this magical way of healing the body, mind, and soul.

I found it true in my own journey and then I started using it with clients.
Perhaps the biggest shift was when women came together in groups and shared their art and stories.

This is why I brought Art Journal Life online.

For the last 3 years, I have worked with a small group of women in a virtual space using zoom and doing live video. We have learned ways to express emotion, played with art supplies, built community, and shared ideas.

Now it’s time for us to open our community to you. We hope you’ll join us and see just what art supplies and a journal can do for you!
No art experience necessary.

Our signature membership community is called Art Journal Life. You’re invited to join us! You can find Art Journal Life here on   Patreon

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Art journaling is nothing more than using art supplies in a notebook or journal.

The word ART might conjure up images of beauty found in museums
but honestly, you should not stop yourself from playing with paper and art supplies just because you believe you can’t make masterful art.

Here are the best reasons why

Making art helps you:
solve problems
unlock creativity
build imagination
feel peaceful
release negative feelings & self-talk
explore your frame of mind
and, best of all,
art journaling gives you a safe space to play and experiment with art supplies!

It’s not about being an artist but a way to tell a story (your journal becomes a very cool storybook about you) and voice your feelings and emotions.
Here, we will explore this and so much more.

If you’re curious about me and why I started Art Journal Life:
Early in my counseling career, I lead a grief and loss group.
One night the room felt very heavy and no one wanted to share.
In that moment of awkwardness, I broke out some crayons, paper, and music. I had everyone draw their feelings.

Some scribbled, others made shapes, and some drew with detail. But as they worked, we all noticed the feeling in the room shift as people set free their emotions on paper.

It was as if some miracle took place.

From that one night, my ideas and thoughts about mental health changed.

We used art and our journals every week. The group loved that they didn’t always have to talk and they were so happy creating. I saw true change and healing happen as each person shared their experience and they received support from the group. The bonds made in that group were heartwarming, to say the least.

That group grew to one of the most popular in my practice and eventually morphed into Art Journal Life.

The Technical Stuff:
I am a Holistic Counselor (MA Holistic Counseling/ Human Development) with training in Expressive Arts, Jungian Psychology, Dream Mythology, Holistic Leadership, and certified in Past-Life Regression Therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss./