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Welcome Creativity

Welcome to Art Journal Life! Our soul wants to express itself. Like any muscle though, creativity must be worked and built.
Welcome Creativity

We are born creative. From the moment we open our eyes it begins.
By just wondering about anything we start the creative process.
When we hear, see, feel, taste, and smell, we create.

Our soul wants to express itself

Like any muscle though, creativity must be worked and built.

Our busy world has stifled much of our creativity.

What we do here at Art Journal Life is free ourselves and unleash that creativity.
I have always loved the raw side of art, you might call it primal but it's the imperfections, the mistakes that I find beautiful. I look for those because that is authentic.

Here, together, we will get messy, experiment, and build our creative muscles so that we can grow, heal, and become our true selves.

So, welcome to Art Journal Life! We are so happy to have you join our community. Please feel free to browse the blog but here are some other places you can find us

Join our YouTube channel <<<=== here. You'll find tips, tricks, and some words of encouragement here too.

Private FaceBook community join us there to share your work or just get inspired.

Patreon for some fun perks and our super Secret Club where we meet for coffee or tea on a monthly Zoom call at my kitchen table. The Secret Club (aka the Kitchen Table) is a close-knit group where we learn and discuss art journal techniques as well as how to heal with art. There's always plenty of laughter, words of wisdom, and support for all.

Here's a recent video for you to enjoy and thank you for being here! xo Stacy